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ITEL Learning Systems free training webinars are a great opportunity to see the real value the latest technologies can bring to your organization—whether you’re a business decision-maker, training professional, developer, engineer, or project manager.

Our training webinars cover the latest topics in the industry including IT training, information security, graphics and design, business skills, and office productivity. With new topics every month, there’s something for everyone.

Archived Webinars

Exclusive Tech Talk Series

DATE: 09 November 2023 | THU


PRESENTER:  Anil Babu Bidari

Dive deep into the world of DevOps, ChatGPT, Docker, Kubernetes, and Microservices

Microsoft Office and Office 365

DATE: 11 October 2023 | WED

START TIME: 09:30 AM – 05:00 PM

PRESENTER:  Shairy Salleh

In this workshop, you will learn about Office 365 for End User and MS Office

VMware Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Webinar

DATE: 18 MAY 2023 | THU


PRESENTER:  Adnan Hussain

In this webinar, you will learn about VMWare Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) 

Equip Yourself with Microsoft Office Knowledge for Your Professional Work.

DATE: 28 MAR 2023 | TUE



This free one-day training on Microsoft Office 2019 will enrich you with various ways to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word for professional purposes.


Equip Yourself with Security Knowledge on the most used Cloud Solution.

DATE: 23 FEB 2023 | THU

SESSION TIME: 10:30AM-12PM | 2:30pm-4pm (Choose either one session)


This webinar introduces you to skillsets and knowledge in providing security for Azure-based digital platforms that plays an integral role in protecting an organization’s data.


Get Rid of Raw Data Mess. Data Analysis using Excel, PowerBI, and Tableau.

DATE: 18 JAN 2023 | WED


PRESENTER:  Pranav Dubey

In this Seminar, we will show you how three different tools can help you clean, change, and process and extract relevant information that will help you or the business make informed decisions.

Cloud Security: Highly Demanded and Highly Paid!

DATE: 30 JUN 2022 | THU



Adoption of cloud native technologies like microservices, containers and DevOps are gaining popularity to improve agility and productivity for the business.

Cloud Security: Highly Demanded and Highly Paid!

DATE: 17 MAR 2022 | THU



The cloud security careers are set to be among the most prominent roles available to any cybersecurity professional in the coming years! As more firms become increasingly dependent on cloud platforms, there is a high demand skills cloud security professionals to ensure these critical systems are safe.
Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction to EC-Council and CCSE
  • Who should earn a cloud security certification?
  • Career with CCSE
  • How you will benefit

Get Started with Cloud Technology

DATE: 18 NOV 2021 | THU



Did you know that number of AWS users has exceeded 1,000,000? The majority of its user base comes from small & mid-size companies, while at least 10% are from enterprise-scale users. Whether it’s technology giants, television networks, banks, food manufacturers, or governments, many different organizations are using AWS Cloud Technology to develop, deploy, and host applications.
Learning Objectives:
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services and the Fundamentals
  • Sneak peek into the Architecture of AWS
  • Applications – Deploy, Scale, Host

Getting Started with Cybersecurity

DATE: 27 OCT 2021 | WED



There’s a high demand for CyberSecurity Skills and it pays well too. Come find out why it is so and how you can take advantage of this.

Understanding the World of Big Data

DATE: 28 OCT 2021 | THU



Join us as we learn and understand how Big Data works. Learn how Apache Hadoop relates to Big Data. Does the relationship between Big Data and Apache Hadoop enable you to benefit your business?

How can Cloud Computing benefit an organization? - Microsoft Azure Webinar

DATE: 2 NOV 2021 | TUE



Microsoft Azure is a broad, ever-expanding set of cloud-based computing services that are available to businesses, developers, government agencies, and anyone who wants to build an app or run an enterprise on the internet without having to manage hardware. It has been the fastest-growing business segment for Microsoft in recent years.

Official VMware Webinar

DATE: 14 OCT 2021 | THU


PRESENTER:  VMware Official

VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible subscription that simplifies the purchase and consumption of VMware multi-cloud infrastructure and management services across the data center, edge, or public cloud.

Learn how this can be an advantage for your organization during this webinar.

Simplify your IT Infrastructure with vSphere

DATE: 8 OCT 2021 | FRI



How do we combine computing resources, CPUs, Storage, and Networking? Get your servers to fully utilize their resources, gaining pea performance. Reduce hardware count and overhead dramatically, and reward yourself with greater value at a lower cost, less complexity, and faster maintenance!
Learning Objectives:
  • Brief Introduction to vSphere and the Software-Defined Data Center
  • What is Virtual Machines and Center Server
  • Overview on Managing and Configuring Virtual Networks and Storage
  • Technical skills you can learn to properly manage vSphere

Get Started With Cloud Technology Webinar

DATE: 29 JULY 2021 | THU



Did you know that number of AWS users has exceeded 1,000,000? The majority of its user base comes from small & mid-size companies, while at least 10% are from enterprise-scale users.

1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services and the Fundamentals
2. Sneak peek into the Architecture of AWS
3. Applications – Deploy, Scale, Host

The Ultimate Penetration Testing Course Webinar

DATE: 15 JULY 2021 | THU


PRESENTER: Breyvan, Managing Director at Wissen International (EC-Council Official Distributor)

Introducing the most extensive and advanced penetration testing program. A rigorous Pen Testing program that, unlike contemporary Pen Testing courses, CPENT teaches you how to Pen Test IoT systems, OT systems, builds on your ability to write your own exploits, build your own tools, and more.

Windows Server 2019 Administration Webinar

DATE: 5 JULY 2021 | MON



In this webinar, we will explore the Credentials and Privileged Access Protection and learn more about Windows Security. A protected and secured system account is required as it provides high-level access necessary to set-up, maintain, and operate the System which is always prone to cyber-attacks. Our trainer will also be demonstrating on Configuring Windows Defender Credential Guard live.

Official VMware Webinar

DATE: 20 MAY 2021 | THU


PRESENTER:  VMware Official

For many enterprises, digital transformation is taking on new urgency as a greater percentage of the world’s economic activity shifts online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This means getting better at developing software and doing it quickly. While creating new applications is relatively straightforward, not all existing applications are built to keep pace with changing business needs, nor do they integrate easily with new apps

Modernizing your existing app portfolio has therefore become a critical part of transformation success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Practical guidelines for modernization based on cloud native principles
  • Important considerations surrounding culture, portfolio prioritization, and technology
  • Pointers to more in-depth information as you plan next steps in your application modernization strategy

Raise your Market Value through CyberSecurity Certifications Webinar

DATE: 10 MAR 2021 | WED


PRESENTER:  Breyvan Tan, Managing Director of Wissen International Pte Ltd

There’s a high demand for these CyberSecurity Skills and it pays well too. Come find out why it is so and how you can take advantage of this.
A webinar hosted directly from the distributor of EC-Council in Asia. Get a first-hand introduction to cybersecurity courses.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to three courses – CPENT, CND, and CEH
  • Benefits of all three courses
  • Where to start?

Upgrading ITIL® Foundation v3/v4 And ITIL® Intermediate V3 To ITIL® Specialist/Strategist/Leader

DATE: 17 FEB 2021 | WED

SESSION TIME: 10:30AM-12PM | 2:30PM – 4PM


ITIL® v3 was released in 2007 and amended in 2011. Since then, the world has changed. Digital transformation has altered the IT landscape significantly. ITIL® 4 addresses this new world in ways no other best practice framework can, providing an end-to-end operating model for the delivery and operation of technology-based products and services. ITIL® 4 embraces a holistic philosophy to service management, integrating collaborative frameworks such as Lean IT, Agile, and DevOps into a single, seamless approach.

Learning Objectives:
  • ITIL® v4 changes versus ITIL® v3
  • Available Pathways for achieving ITIL® v4
  • Coverage of ITIL® v4 Foundation
  • Different Pillars of ITIL® v4 Managing Professional

Create Eye-Catching Report With Excel Dashboard Webinar

DATE: 9 FEB 2021 | TUE

SESSION TIME: 10.30AM-12PM | 2.30PM-4PM


Create beautiful, complex, and data-driven reports using Excel. Display your reports with ease of readability, effectively summarizing and presenting your data clearly.

Learning Objectives:
  • Purpose of dashboards – why use dashboards?
  • What working knowledge of excel is required?
  • What is VBA and when it is required in Excel Dashboard?
    • (Samples of Dashboards will be shown)

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

DATE: 2 FEB 2021 | TUE

SESSION TIME: 10.30AM-12PM | 2.30PM-4PM

PRESENTER:  Lim Boon Tiong

We will be exploring creating visualizations, formatting visualizations, refining, and adding control to mapping and performance indicators. Learn all the cool features available that will speed up your data analysis.

Learning Objectives:
  • Create reports and dashboards
  • Using the Power BI mobile applications
  • Sharing and collaborating reports
  • Get data into Power BI
  • Data Modeling and transformations
  • Using DAX expressions

AI For Business - ChatBot for eCommerce


PRESENTER:  Arnold Doray, Head of AI from Terra AI

Do you want to learn how to increase sales and retention in your business? Or want to learn building a ChatBot but have zero knowledge in programming?
In partnership with Terra AI and ai4impact, learn the proper techniques required to properly create a ChatBot without any programming skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to develop successful AI projects
  • Applying AI to enhance profit/ or for individuals to boost CV & Portfolio
  • Achieving a Profitable Outcome
  • Principles of making an AI project

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